Saturday, 30 April 2016

Soccer Single Bet Strategy About Corners

One of the most profitable soccer single bet strategies you could use as a bettor is to try to guess the ammount of corners that you’d see in a particular game. Or to be more precise - if they are under or over a certain ammount during the game.

For example, let’s imagine that Sunderland and Tottenham are playing against each other in the English Premier League. The bookmaker is offering you the possibility to guess if the game will have under or over 15 corners from the beginning to the end (the ammount could be different, it’s just an example). What’s your job? It’s simple - predict if there will be a corner galore or these teams will rarely make it to the corner flag.

You could easily do your homework, when betting on corners. A lot of websites offer a detailed statistics about different aspects of the game, including the ammount of corners which every team has during its games. For example - Barcelona could be a team who rarely have a corner, but Southampton could be something entirely different, having a corner after a corner. It’s all about the style and the football which different teams use. If it’s easy for them to get a corner or not. How oftenly they make it to the opposite team’s goal and other important factors like that.

If you have decided to try this soccer singlebet strategy for yourself, you should know that statistics are your friend. Study the stats and see which are the teams who make it most oftenly to the corner flags. Then use the numbers as an advantage and make some money. One of the best advantages of this method is that you don’t rely on the result of the particular game. It doesn’t matter which team win or if it’s a draw. If you get your corner numbers, then you win and you just don’t care.